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Join The Facebook Revolution With Yabsta

It’s 2015, and over 2 billion individuals worldwide are using social media. These networks, including Facebook, are being accessed by desktop, smartphone and tablet, with mobile interaction rapidly gaining in speed. At Yabsta, one of the things we’re all about is helping local businesses establish relationships with their clients and potential customers, and we love using social media to do it. Here’s what we can do for your company:
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5 Social Media Resolutions for 2015

It’s a new year – why not revamp your business’s online strategy? As 2015 begins, it’s time to come up with resolutions you won’t want to break and social media is a great place to start. From exploring new options to increasing engagement, the following 5 resolutions are ones you can work on over the next 12 months.
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Social Media Posting On The Fly

Charles Doyle

Posted on: October 14, 2014

Posted by: Charles Doyle

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One fickle thing about social media is that no matter how much of an organized person you are, the medium demands spontaneity and considerable improvisational skills. Posting new information as it’s being revealed requires you to develop a “sixth sense” for finding interesting content in a short time frame, and can be challenging when trying to juggle your social media management with your business’s day-to-day operations. We now offer you three tips on how to become the best impromptu poster you can be. Read More

A Free and Professional Online Marketing Toolkit

Kristen Scott

Posted on: October 1, 2014

Posted by: Kristen Scott

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online marketingYou may have noticed the abundance of apps scattered across the Internet, many claiming to simplify and streamline social media management for your business.

Since different platforms require different ways of thinking—Facebook posts are longer than those for Twitter, which have a different voice than LinkedIn status updates —there’s no real cut and paste. We have, however, put together this toolkit to help you create better content, faster. Bookmark this Online Marketing Toolkit for templates, tips and tools that you can use over and over again to enrich your social media accounts, your business blog and even your company website.

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Managing Unhappy Clients In The Digital Space

Charles Doyle

Posted on: July 29, 2014

Posted by: Charles Doyle

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Dealing with unhappy clients online is a reality of digital marketing that you and your business should always be prepared for. No matter how efficient your customer relations, it’s essential to know how to respond to contentious issues in a productive, helpful fashion befitting your company’s image. With things like Facebook, Twitter and Google Reviews making it easier than ever for potential customers to see how you deal with existing ones, we present the following tips to help you get through those tough situations:

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Addressing Your Social Media Audience

Charles Doyle

Posted on: July 9, 2014

Posted by: Charles Doyle

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As a business, maintaining a social media account comes with different rules and best practices than those of running a personal profile. Though platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn give you the valuable advantage of being able to directly engage your customers, it’s important to retain certain tenets of professionalism when speaking under your company name: Finding the right blend of informative and personally appealing is what tends to give businesses the positive feedback they desire. Here are three tips:

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5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategy is Falling Flat

Social media has been discussed at YaBlog as a great way to promote businesses, engage with audiences and provide value. However, if you’ve been following the tricks of the trade with little to no success you might be wondering why it isn’t working. Succeeding on networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others requires proper resources and the energy and time to devote to them. Quite simply, sometimes life gets in the way. Read on to discover 5 reasons why your strategy might be falling flat and ideas for getting back on track.
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Graphics and Greater Social Engagement: Why They Go Hand in Hand

Chelsea Oliver

Posted on: February 25, 2014

Posted by: Chelsea Oliver

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It’s recently come to our attention that Facebook is going to be lessening the exposure of text based statuses for Business Pages. Why, you ask? You can read the full article here but the jist of it is that, while text status updates from friends encourage engagement by prompting others to update their own statuses, text status updates from Business Pages do not function in a similar fashion. Facebook is encouraging brands to get creative and the YaBlog team wants to get the word out.
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