3 Easy Tips To Quickly Boost Your Social Media Presence

Charles Doyle

Posted on: March 10, 2015

Posted by: Charles Doyle

Categories: Development

At YaBlog, we understand that one of the biggest hurdles in maintaining your business’s social media presence can be lack of time. Too often, good intentions are pushed to the side for the simple fact that you’re too busy running/managing your company to be able to keep up with the requirements of a successful campaign. This in mind, we’d like to present three ways that you can quickly and easily boost your presence without committing too much time:

Create A Klout Account

Google-Plus-Logo-1024x1024Klout is a powerful aggregating tool that indicates your overall social media effectiveness based on a score of 1 to 100. By plugging in all of your various platforms into its algorithm (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus etc.), you can get a better idea of how influential your business is on the web, and plan future posts accordingly based on what worked and what didn’t. In addition to helping you decide on what kind of content to post, Klout also recommends other popular accounts to follow based on your business’s field of interest, allowing you to see how other pros in your arena are getting their message across.

Invest In Multi-Platform Dashboard Software

There are loads of software examples, both downloadable and in-browser, that offer you the ability to post across all your social media platforms at once, alleviating the annoyance of having to log into them individually to share what could be the exact same content. A great (and popular) tool with which to do this is HootSuite, which currently has the ability to integrate up to 35 different social media platforms into its dashboard functionality. Most of these types of software will also give you enhanced analytics that go beyond those of the social platforms themselves, so you’ll have extra data to show your clients and/or management.

Add Social Media Buttons To Your Email Signature

This is a simple, yet effective change that can actually have a significant impact on your overall social media views. By adding link buttons to all of your various platform below your name, title and contact info, you’re essentially letting each email you send act as an advertisement for your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or what have you, and interested parties will have yet another way to reach your pages. Ensure that the links to your pages are added with corresponding graphic buttons so that the email signature itself is more visually appealing.



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