3 Social Media Trends You Have to Try in 2014

We’re almost 5 months into 2014 and social media is as popular as ever. A crucial aspect of more and more marketing strategies, the people wearing these marketing hats need to keep up with the trends. The landscape shifts and changes frequently and it’s important to stay abreast of the latest happenings – what worked 3 months ago might be on the downswing today. The following are 3 of the year’s top social media trends to look out for.


Vibrant Visuals

It’s all about the visuals, and Facebook itself has confirmed a decrease in the distribution of text-based statuses. Many social networks are encouraging businesses and users to embrace visual content, which, according to Social Media Examiner, receives an astounding 94 percent more views. The same article states that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text by the brain, making it no question why viewers prefer images. Visuals also contribute to brand growth (think logos and advertisements) and, in turn, a more widespread audience.

Living the Life

It’s time to shift focus from promotional posts for the sake of sales to touting how your products and services influence customers’ lifestyles. Selling what your business stands for, as opposed to the products themselves, engages users in a natural, organic way. Content can be more creative and rewarding, both for the reader and the writer. For example, why not start a blog series that offers readers a relevant freebie, such as Urban Outfitters’ #MusicMonday playlist downloads? That’s surely more interesting than another dress description.


Still an emerging medium, a podcast is a digital audio file made available for downloading. New and novel, they capture the attention of audiences in a genuine, engaging way, ideal for viewers who prefer listening over reading. Easy to digest, this tool is bound to become more and more valuable as 2014 progresses; according to Huffington Post, while only 5 percent of marketers are currently involved in podcasting, 24 percent plan to incorporate it into their strategy. Examples of businesses who have achieved podcast success include WEBS, Greenfeet.com and Copyright Clearance Centre.

Social media is here to stay, and we’re sure you didn’t need convincing. Staying on par with today’s trends, from visual content’s growing prevalence to audio files and a leaning towards lifestyle posts, is key to shining bright instead of fading into the background. Looking to learn more? Click here.

Image Credit: Miami Agent Magazine


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