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Ria Ghai –

“In Cayman, and our digital marketing branch has been significantly growing. Kicking things off just under two years ago, the Yabsta brands have now become a recognised part of the Cayman business industry. Yabsta Global has continuously been a huge support platform and is innovative, consistent and completely creative with their offerings and digital services. was one of the first online directories in Cayman to have a fully responsive website and as it grows each day, the website is still seen to be the most user friendly and informative. Yabsta Global are, in fact, leaders and not followers, in this ever changing digital marketing world.”

Yabsta’s Indago Sanibel Team – Sanibel Florida

“Yabsta Global is taking local search to the next level. Through Yabsta’s Global Network of local search websites, the world is literally at your fingertips. Our users in Florida regularly travel to places like England and Dubai, and of course, New York. They are able to use our Absolute Local Search platform easily, moving from one jurisdiction to the next just by clicking the links on the homepage of Our users appreciate the simplicity of finding what they are looking for, right when they need it, and in a secure environment. Yabsta’s online community makes navigating the world quick and easy and delivers relevant information for our users. We give Yabsta Global 5 Stars!”

JoAnna Weeks –

“The internet is an ever changing world, and what worked to get your message out yesterday doesn’t necessarily work today. has been a Yabsta publisher for over 4 years, and during this time Yabsta Global has consistently made positive changes with the platform and industry standards. We recently had a chance to view the latest new developments that Yabsta will soon be launching, and we’re excited about the evolution of our business. Yabsta is futuristic and constantly developing the software for ease of use on all devices coupled with providing a good end user experience. Yabsta is making a huge commitment, we like what we see, and we’re pleased to be a part of the Yabsta Global family.”

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