You’ll Love These 5 Marketing Tips for Valentine’s Day 2015

Valentine’s Day is almost here – how better to celebrate than with a lovely new marketing campaign? Holidays are an ideal time to get your business out there and try something new, be it on social media or via an email or website. The following tips will make the day of, and February as a whole, great for your business.


Offer Something Up

Give your current and potential customers something they’ll love by offering up a gift or discount. Think free shipping, a great sale (25 or 50% off usually generates attention!), complimentary gift wrapping or a special package. Advertise the deal wherever possible, such as on your website, social media accounts and even on the radio.

Run A Facebook Contest

Generate engagement on Facebook with a lovey-dovey photo contest. Taking your audience into consideration, encourage your followers to submit a photo of themselves and their partner, for example, or of something that they think represents love and choose the best one. The possibilities are endless!

Sweeten Your Profile and Header Photos

Another great idea for social media is to add some V-Day flair to your profile and header photos. Depending upon your type of business, you can go simple and understated or a bit more flashy – hearts, hugs and kisses and flowers all make great choices, as well as images advertising your special offers.

Showcase Potential Gifts

If you sell potentially gift-worthy products, create a Valentine’s Day line-up to wow your customers. You can then showcase the range in a variety of ways – craft a blog post, email or special website section, or even all of the above, for the occasion. Don’t forget to include pricing, a Call-To-Action for ordering and high-quality images.

Share Tips

Share tips on your blog and social media accounts to make your followers’ Valentine’s Day extra special. Depending upon the scope of your business, you can offer recipes for dinner, dessert and drinks, date and gift ideas, party suggestions and more. If you utilize Twitter, consider creating a special hashtag, such as #VDayTips.

Make Valentine’s Day an event your customers will remember with great offers, contests, tips, imagery, gifts and more! There’s no better time to give your marketing an overhaul than mid-month when love is in the air. Do you have any other ideas? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

Image Credit: Happy Valentine’s Day by Viola’s Visions, CC License, no changes made


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