Tokio Millennium Re

Too often corporate videos fail to portray the true heart of a company – the belief systems and business culture behind the work they do. Tokio Millennium Re is a young and dynamic company. They honour but do not necessarily follow tradition. They look for new ways to better serve their clients. They are innovators. They are high energy. They believe that a strong body feeds a strong mind. Their current marketing theme is “Run With Us”.

The concept behind the Tokio Millennium Re (TMR) video was developed to promote this culture and the fact that the company was growing and expanding into new markets. The concept title, Momentum, reflects the energy and expansion that are pushing TMR forward.

We chose to use bodies in motion – those of TMR staff and management – to visually and quite literally tell the story of a company on the move. We dove-tailed scenes of active exercise with those of office energy indicating how the two entwine.

It was important to the client to convey their global status, to visually represent their offices in Bermuda, London, Zurich and Sydney. To ensure a seamless look we sent the project director/cinematographer, who was engaged in all phases of the video’s development, to all locations.

The scope of the job required continuous communication with the TMR’s head office as well as the time and energies of staff from all offices. We were appreciative of the dedication they each brought to the project.

We are currently updating the TMR video to include information on two new companies they have established.