Andrea Skinner, a Brighton entrepreneur, needed a mum-friendly eCommerce platform with a simple online ordering system to market her custom baby accessories.

An artist at heart, Andrea needed to transform her unique baby accessory idea into a functional, visually appealing eCommerce site. Looking to creatively market her invention while remaining true to the emerging brand, her messaging goal was to promote the idea that Mum’s needs are just as important as Baby’s, and that her product speaks to that belief. That’s where we came in.

Utilizing soothing visual patterns and a youthful font, we sought to establish Prampockets’ web presence as light-hearted, cheerful and informative. Alongside the lively polka-dotted background and youthful lettering, we chose an aesthetically pleasing colour scheme of light violet and cerulean blue derived from one of the Andrea’s best-selling designs. Simple navigation and visual interest is maintained through the use of a static banner that dictates the usefulness of the product while providing a social networking link.

We felt that a vibrant, straightforward design would have the widest appeal and capture the eye of mums and children alike. An oversized callout button to the right of the navbar reminds users of the site’s eCommerce capabilities and links to a product description page with built-in PayPal functionality. By focusing on Andrea’s unique entrepreneurial needs, we were able to reflect her handiwork in a sincere, upbeat manner.