Four Star

Bermuda’s sole pizza delivery service needed a user-friendly eCommerce site with an online ordering system to complement their rebranding strategy.

Formerly called Upper Crust Café, Four Star is the most popular pizza chain in Bermuda, and the only franchise on-island that offers home delivery. Having recently changed their name, they needed a web presence overhaul with eCommerce functionality that reflected the rebranding while retaining online clientele that still knew them by their old name.

It started with a customized ordering platform. Though Four Star sells other types of cuisine such as Indian and Sushi, the only thing they deliver is pizza, so we structured their online payment system in a way that distinguished takeout food from delivery with simple, sleek navigation. We also designed the ordering system to be classified by restaurant location, ensuring that all online orders would be routed to the correct branch based on customer location.

Given their existing popularity in Bermuda, we felt that a minimalist design would best amplify their offerings and focus attention on their site’s eCommerce functionality. Using their newly redesigned logo as inspiration, we developed a colour scheme that was bright and aesthetically pleasing to symbolically reflect the diversity of their cuisine.