Ciaran Molloy Upholstery Specialists

We helped Ciaran Molloy, a master upholsterer in Jersey, leverage his company’s experience to develop a clean brochure site that showcases his attention to detail with navigation by individual service area.

Our primary goal was to immediately grab the attention of potential customers landing on the homepage by displaying high-resolution examples of Ciaran’s upholstery work juxtaposed with his company logo. Using a rich, pleasing purple for the base colour helped the imagery stand out and draw attention to the call-to-action (“Contact Us”).

Due to the detail-oriented nature of his work, it was important that his online market knew which brand name materials he worked with and what specific types of upholstery services he offered. By flanking his “Services” column with a word cloud of trusted brand names that he personally uses, we helped to thematically link his sterling reputation to his 30 years of experience in the field.