Cablevision Bermuda needed a distinct, memorable video to promote their hi-speed internet service which appealed to peoples’ sense of humour while calling attention to an issue near and dear to the hearts of internet users: buffering lag.

Given full creative license to develop their campaign concept from the ground up, we settled on pitching their product from a humourous angle. Inspired by the universally recognized annoyance of lag caused by the buffering online video, we devised a fictional disease called “bufferitis” and produced a promotional spot that presented it as an affliction which could be “cured” by using Cablevision’s internet service.

The ambitiousness of the concept allowed our creative team to juxtapose medical humour with tech jargon, presenting several visual scenarios that portrayed individuals “afflicted” with bufferitis. Narrated by a “doctor”, the entire 90-second spot plays out like an American-style prescription medication commercial.

Using CGI effects including a superimposed explosion and several visual interpretations of what “lag” would look like if it physically affected human beings, we helped promote Cablevision’s hi-speed internet service and push their image as a cutting edge company.

The resulting advertisement was so well-received that Cablevision integrated the “Bufferitis” concept into other media campaigns and commissioned Yabsta Digital to create a second “Bufferitis” video. Will there be third? Stay tuned and find out!