Bermuda Heart Foundation

“The Bermuda Heart Foundation first hired Yabsta Digital to help us increase the presence of our Facebook page earlier this year, and we cannot be happier with the result of their work. They drastically redesigned our cover page, and their constant, useful updates and stories have continued to bring new followers. We have also asked for them to manage our CORE Heart Health Center page as we were confident with their work and how they update our sites with relevant information. It has been one of our best marketing decisions to have them come on and manage our social media pages!”

- Sionna Barton, Bermuda Heart Foundation

The Bermuda Heart Foundation (BHF) and C.O.R.E. are two health organizations in Bermuda, the former a charity and the latter an insurance-subsidized educational centre for those at risk of heart disease. Together, they help spread heart health awareness throughout the island and give structured, professional advice to people seeking a heart-healthy lifestyle change.

Upon being satisfied with our work on the BHF page, the client commissioned us to manage C.O.R.E.’s page, as well. Following this, their main marketing challenge was to spread brand awareness and accentuate the tie between the two organizations: BHF was fairly well-known, whereas C.O.R.E. was still young with less name recognition.

By redesigning their respective cover photos with strong, logo-based visual callouts, we established their social branding to complement their upbeat image. Committing to a regular posting schedule for both pages, we staggered direct self-promotions between useful, third-party content that related directly to the fields of cardiology and heart health. We also helped them develop several incentive-based promotions designed to drive more people directly to their door via Facebook. The result was a several hundred percent increase in “likes” and real customers to C.O.R.E.’s facility. We look forward to continued success with these two great organizations!