Where to Find the World Cup Online

Occurring only once every four years, the World Cup has taken the world, pun intended, by storm. A great way to celebrate your country of origin, football (or soccer, depending upon where you’re from) is incredibly popular in 2014, possibly more than ever before. If you’d like to keep up with your team’s wins and losses via the Web, here’s where to find the World Cup online.


The Website

A logical first step, the FIFA website boasts a special area dedicated to the World Cup. Here you’ll find the news you’re looking for right at the source, from matches to teams, players, groups, statistics, awards, tickets, destinations and more. It’s also home to a range of engaging online games, including “World Cup Fantasy,” “Castrol Predictor” and Hyundai’s “Your 11.”

News Resources

Online news resources are a great way to stay up to the minute on game play and details. CNN, BBC Sport, the Washington Post, New York Times, CBC, Huffington Post and more are publishing articles at impressive speed. Reputable and up to date, you can trust these outlets’ coverage of current and upcoming matches, the FIFA organization, player gossip and much more.


Twitter has jumped on the #WorldCup bandwagon to great results. A great way to track matches in real time, the platform’s World Cup Starter Kit encourages users to edit their profiles to reflect their loyalties, allowing those who choose a side to unlock custom World Cup profile and header photos. Users can also follow players, teams and brands associated with the event, translate any Tweet into their own language, hashtag country codes to create “hashflags” and more (https://about.twitter.com/what-is-twitter/world-cup).

The FIFA website, reputable news outlets and Twitter are three of the best places to find the World Cup online. A great way to stay connected, these resources are always in the know, whether you missed the most recent match or are looking for the history of your favourite player.

Image Credit: FIFA


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