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Inbound Marketing 101: Landing Pages

Chelsea Oliver

Posted on: November 25, 2014

Posted by: Chelsea Oliver

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Landing pages play an important role in inbound marketing which focuses on creating quality content that pulls people toward your company and product. A key tool for converting visitors to leads, if you’re new to this kind of online strategizing you might be asking – what exactly is it? Fortunately, YaBlog is here to lay out the basics for you!
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An Introduction to Content Marketing

Paul Dobinson

Posted on: November 12, 2014

Posted by: Paul Dobinson

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Marketing used to be much simpler. There were print publications, posters, newspapers, TV or radio (if your budget allowed), mailshots and, well, that was pretty much it. Over time, it has grown to include more and more media channels, creating a mix that can be overwhelming, at times, for the advertiser.


The digital marketing sphere includes banner ads, websites, online articles, social media, blogs, email, advertorials and more, and the list continues to grow. Web users are becoming increasingly web savvy, leading to an increased need for thoughtful, engaging tactics.
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