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An Introduction to Content Marketing

Paul Dobinson

Posted on: November 12, 2014

Posted by: Paul Dobinson

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Marketing used to be much simpler. There were print publications, posters, newspapers, TV or radio (if your budget allowed), mailshots and, well, that was pretty much it. Over time, it has grown to include more and more media channels, creating a mix that can be overwhelming, at times, for the advertiser.


The digital marketing sphere includes banner ads, websites, online articles, social media, blogs, email, advertorials and more, and the list continues to grow. Web users are becoming increasingly web savvy, leading to an increased need for thoughtful, engaging tactics.
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10 Ways To Get Your Blog Posts To Go Viral

Kristen Scott

Posted on: October 21, 2014

Posted by: Kristen Scott

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Wondering whether it’s even possible to go viral without a million dollar budget? It most certainly is. While having quality content is one thing, you have to put in a little bit of work to make it go. Most of the time, if not all of the time, this means that you have to place it in front of readers’ eyes in order to be found through all the noise. Below are 10 ways to get your blog posts to go viral.

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A Free and Professional Online Marketing Toolkit

Kristen Scott

Posted on: October 1, 2014

Posted by: Kristen Scott

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online marketingYou may have noticed the abundance of apps scattered across the Internet, many claiming to simplify and streamline social media management for your business.

Since different platforms require different ways of thinking—Facebook posts are longer than those for Twitter, which have a different voice than LinkedIn status updates —there’s no real cut and paste. We have, however, put together this toolkit to help you create better content, faster. Bookmark this Online Marketing Toolkit for templates, tips and tools that you can use over and over again to enrich your social media accounts, your business blog and even your company website.

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The Top 5 SEO Don’ts: Part 1

SEO, or search engine optimization, is key to getting found online in 2014. As a business owner, however, it can be difficult to separate the good advice from the not-so-good when it comes to following the parameters set by large search engines like Google. Avoiding the following 5 don’ts is key to implementing a strategy that gets results.
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4 Types of Images To Enhance Your Content – A Breakdown

Kristen Scott

Posted on: July 14, 2014

Posted by: Kristen Scott

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With images taking over the digital world (think Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr), they have undoubtedly become a very important aspect of online content marketing, especially blogging.

With the goal of being seen and shared on the world’s social networking sites it’s good to build your posts knowing that images get 94% more views and are digested 60,0000 times faster than those without. Not to mention, the alt tag (or image description) acts as a second layer of SEO. Below is a breakdown of 4 different types of images that can enhance your content.

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5 Ways to Breathe New Life Into Old Content

Kristen Scott

Posted on: June 2, 2014

Posted by: Kristen Scott

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For all of our content creators who are consistently putting out new content – compelling pieces, that engage your audience and create quality leads – we’d like to offer a BIG TIP for avoiding burnout. In a word – RECYCLE. Read More

Does My Business Need A Facebook Page?

Charles Doyle

Posted on: October 29, 2013

Posted by: Charles Doyle

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While it’s well established that having a Facebook page can greatly enhance the messaging of a given business, sometimes it can be challenging to make your business seem “engaging” depending on your field of work.

Often, non web-savvy business owners will hear about how popular Facebook is, assume they need to be represented there at any cost, then whip up a quick and dirty profile with no ongoing management plan just to be able to say: “My business is on Facebook”. Needless to say, this can risk you projecting a confusing image, or worse, appearing lazy/lackluster for not committing to a regular posting schedule.
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Creating a Content Marketing Plan that Works for You

Chelsea Oliver

Posted on: September 3, 2013

Posted by: Chelsea Oliver

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If you’re going to be successful at content marketing, you need a plan. While creating and sharing valuable content is a great way to generate leads and build brand awareness, doing it right requires the development of a content marketing plan. A well thought out plan is essential to effective communication with your target audience and gaining a higher return on marketing investment. There is much more to it than simply publishing content and reaping the rewards, and here we recommend a 5-step process to get you on your way.
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