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Chelsea Oliver

Posted on: January 14, 2014

Posted by: Chelsea Oliver

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A few weeks ago at YaBlog, we discussed the fundamental differences between LinkedIn and Facebook. Both valuable marketing tools for individuals and small businesses, it is crucial to understand how each works before diving in. Once you’ve learned the basics of LinkedIn, developing your profile is incredibly important. Polish it until it shines with these 5 quick, useful tips.


Put Your Best Photo Forward

LinkedIn is a professional network and your profile photo should reflect that. Choose a headshot that you are comfortable with – avoid blurry shots, selfies and cropping group photos. The image you choose should represent who you are as both an individual and professional; work attire, polished hair and makeup (if applicable) and a smile go a long way. If necessary, have a friend or coworker take an up-to-date photograph of you to upload.

Choose a Creative Caption

That little line of text underneath your name is what shows up in your profile’s search result. Instead of listing your current position, optimize this tidbit with keywords relevant to your education, skills and interests. For example, if you run a digital agency, replace “The founder of Digital123.” with “Digital strategist specializing in branding, social media and content marketing.” Take the 120-character allotment you’re given and run with it.

Write a Stunning Summary

Many LinkedIn-ers forego adding a summary in favour of simply inputting work experience. A truly polished profile, however, draws readers and recruiters in with an engaging, interesting summary. Explain your qualifications and what makes you the right person for the job. Write in a conversational tone; showcase your accomplishments, discuss your career goals and avoid an overload of industry jargon.

Keep It Updated

A crucial component of LinkedIn success is an up-to-date profile. As your career grows, add relevant information to your headline, summary, education and work experience. Ensure that your profile picture is an accurate representation of your current appearance. Input new skills and expertise as you go – this section of your profile lets readers know what you’re good at and is highly searchable, which is great for SEO.

Add More

Detailing your work experience is essential to attracting potential employers and valuable networking opportunities. LinkedIn allows users to upload documents, images and even videos to specific jobs, and this is especially beneficial for individuals in creative fields. Liven up your profile by attaching images of successful projects, be it graphic design work, a website or architecture. Use video to demonstrate activism, event planning, community work and related expertise.

Polishing your LinkedIn profile is all about getting creative, standing out and showing off. While an appropriate photo is the first step, a creative caption, one-of-a-kind summary and interesting visuals are key to an engaging demonstration of your education, skills and work experience. Keep your profile up-to-date with your latest responsibilities, positions and training and you’re well on your way to reaping the rewards of LinkedIn.

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