LinkedIn Stats That Will Leave You in Love

Chelsea Oliver

Posted on: October 7, 2014

Posted by: Chelsea Oliver

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Known as the social networking site for the business-minded, LinkedIn was launched back in 2003. A platform formed primarily for professional networking, it brings something to the table that networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest do not. LinkedIn encourages users to showcase their job skills, resumes, employment goals and more, and is also a great place for businesses to connect with current customers, prospective clients and both current and prospective employees. Still not convinced? Read on for 10 LinkedIn stats that will leave you in love.

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1. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with over 313 million members across the globe.

2. Over 39 million students and recent graduates use the network.

3. LinkedIn company pages have grown to include more than 3 million businesses.

4. LinkedIn is responsible for nearly 4 times the amount of website homepage visits than Facebook and Twitter.

5. Google is a fan of LinkedIn company pages, generally ranking them in the first two pages of search results.

6. The network represents over 148 different industries…why not get yours in the mix?

7. 43% of all marketers have found a customer via LinkedIn.

8. 64% of all visits to corporate websites from social media networks are made through LinkedIn.

9. Companies like Google, IBM and Hewlett Packard have over 1.7, 1.5 and 1.4 million followers.

10. LinkedIn is mobile-friendly! Over 38% of visits to the site are made via these popular devices.

Today’s “we mean business” social media network, LinkedIn boasts many benefits for both professional individuals and companies. A great venue for connecting with current and potential customers, building a business-savvy audience, job hunting, employee seeking and more, we’ll let these stats speak for themselves. Click here to sign up.

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Image Credit: linkedin logo by Esther Vargas, CC License


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