Holiday Content Marketing Tips

Charles Doyle

Posted on: December 16, 2014

Posted by: Charles Doyle

Categories: Development

In a previous post, we outlined some best practices for taking advantage of the holiday season to leverage your social media marketing. After all, it’s well known that speaking generally, people are in a good mood during Christmas time, and therefore more likely to interact with holiday-themed material. Expanding on this concept, content marketing offers another effective way to drive your message home without pushing too hard of a sell on your potential customers. Check out these tips:

Share Original Content In Local Facebook “Groups”

imagesUnlike the “business page” format, Facebook’s “group” format is a more personal medium that prioritizes engagement based on the most recent comment on a given thread. This in mind, if you have an interesting blog post/whitepaper/list of tips that you can promote with a holiday-themed message, members of a given group will be more likely to click through than on a business page, where the post will automatically be pushed to the side (depending on the page settings).

Theme Your Content Holiday-Style

If you happen to have an existing piece of content that you want to push out, you can theme it in the style of the holidays regardless of whether the content itself has any relative significance. With a few simple graphical tweaks, any digital whitepaper can become Christmas-ey, vibrant and more likely to catch the eye of somebody who already happens to be in the holiday spirit.

Don’t Overdo It

While people are generally open and receptive to holiday-themed content, it’s important not to push it so far that it seems like you’re marketing yourself cynically. When creating your content, don’t make it overly obvious that you’re pushing for a sale, but rather space out useful material in a scheduled fashion so you don’t overdo it. If your content is truly valuable, this probably won’t be an issue, but annoying your potential customers isn’t something you want to risk.


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