5 Tips to Make Good Copywriting Great

Chelsea Oliver

Posted on: February 18, 2014

Posted by: Chelsea Oliver

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Copywriting plays a vital role in online marketing. Intended to persuade the reader to take a specific action, such as visit a store, make a purchase or book an appointment, it’s a critical component of the Web today. If you’re a good copywriter looking to become great at the craft, these tips will get you well on your way to producing more effective, persuasive work.

Copywriting 21. Know Your Audience

Relevant, targeted copy speaks to a specific audience. Who is your dream customer and what do they do (for work and fun)? What is their likely age bracket, what’s important to them and what products and services do they use on a regular basis? More importantly, which products and services do they need? The better you know who you’re communicating with (not at), the more of an impact the copy will have.

2. Impact Those Emotions

Great copywriting compels readers via a distinctly emotional experience. Capitalize on emotions already present in a given scenario instead of attempting to create a certain feeling. For example, if you’re writing Web copy for a product that solves a problem for a niche group such as web professionals, speak to the frustrated developer who’s just run into the same issue again. Making a reader truly feel something communicates productively and on a human level.

3. Write a Killer Headline

A killer headline is what draws readers in. According to Copyblogger, an average of 8 out of 10 people will read a headline while only 2 of them will read the remaining copy. Making a great first impression improves your odds of gaining wider exposure. We’re a fan of the 4 U’s Formula; turn a good headline into a great one by making it urgent, unique, useful and ultra-specific.

To use an obvious example, compare the headlines “How to Make Good Copywriting Better” and “5 Tips to Make Good Copywriting Great.” Which are you more likely to click on? Let readers know exactly what they’re getting into when they click through to the copy and offer a time-sensitive, compelling benefit – stand out from the crowd!


4. Be Clear and Concise

Great copywriting is, at its core, persuasive. Striving for clarity in your copy is a great way to both achieve this and avoid confusing readers. Bypass the technical jargon and buzzwords in favour of simple, accessible terms and never assume the reader’s level of knowledge. Forego long sentences and paragraphs for short, punchy, easy-to-read phrases. Use verbs to stay on point and convey energy and excitement without rambling on

5. Read it Out Loud

A time-tested trick, a useful way to evaluate your writing is to read it out loud. A conversational tone is a great way to reach users through copy and hearing the words, instead of just reading them, helps to distinguish any awkward or vague phrasing. When in doubt, have a colleague or friend do the same; they might hear something you don’t.

Knowing your audience and impacting their emotions, drawing readers in with a great headline, being clear and concise and reading aloud are 5 ways to make good copywriting even better. If you’d like to learn more, check out our previous posts comparing copywriting and content marketing (hint: they work together!) and discussing brand copywriting.

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