5 Reasons TweetBeam Can Make You a #1 Trending Topic

yablog tweetbeamWhat’s next after all the text-based Twitter Walls? We know new ideas are coming out weekly but one in particular is great to market your business. TweetBeam presents an interactive Twitter visualization that stimulates, engages, and attracts new followers, while maintaining your professional style. The founder, Yousef El-Dardiry, has created the next big thing that will make your event a #1 trending topic, the following are reasons why.

Visual Stimulation

It’s safe to say that today your audience will retain more content from a multimedia experience rather than one that is simply text-based. TweetBeam was actually designed with this fact in mind. It is an engaging way to display the Tweets of your topic of interest on a big screen. You only have to set it up once to then sit back and watch the Tweets roll in, with the latest being highlighted.

Audience Engagement

Tweeting is usually encouraged before, during and after presentations. TweetBeam plays on this same concept but adds more of the ‘interacting with your audience’ aspect. By allowing people to see the messages and photos posted live to your Twitter Wall, it creates a connection amongst everyone in the room. Your audience, even those who are not on the Twitter wave, will feel as if you are building more of a personal relationship with them.

Business Exposure

Yablog tweetbeam wallPlacing the collage of Tweeters’ photos in the background behind the presenter will make it hard for your guests to resist participating; they’ll want to experiment and be a part of the display. The interactive experience will stimulate them to write about your business and use the event hashtag. These Tweets will spread to their followers and through to the Twittersphere creating more exposure for your event or business.

Content Moderation

TweetBeam allows you to moderate, at the outset, the Tweets that are coming in. Typing into the “block words” field will let you filter out certain words to avoid any profanity coming through on the big screen. The filters are applied in real time, so if an unwanted tweet comes through, you can block it right on the spot by adding an extra word to the list. We want to keep it professional.

Advanced Customization

While TweetBeam gives a professional looking display to your Tweets, it goes one step further in offering advanced customisation for your business. They have previously worked with the rock band Incubus to attract over 2 million viewers for their concert, and Ernst & Young, Microsoft and Disney to include their logos for major events.

TweetBeam gets our vote this week for the fact that it is a creative way to encourage guests to interact with your brand and adds an interesting twist to the Twitter Wall for your event. The guys at TweetBeam even suggest experimenting with placing it in your reception area for visitors to see. Either way it’s an engaging way to get the conversation going.


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