10 of the Greatest Google Tips ‘n’ Tricks

Chelsea Oliver

Posted on: September 16, 2014

Posted by: Chelsea Oliver

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The search engine giant that just won’t quit, getting on Google’s good side, and learning how it works, should be on every business owner’s to-do list. Whether it’s finding the results you need quickly, or getting found in a flash, knowing the ins and outs of this website is incredibly useful. The following 10 tips ‘n’ tricks will make your journey towards becoming a Google guru much easier.


1. Looking for a definition? Type “define” into the search bar, followed by the word in question, and Google will retrieve the meaning for you. Quicker than a dictionary.

2. To search within a website, type “site:” followed by the URL. Follow this up with your search terms.

3. Optimize your 404 pages with internal links, a clever image and amusing copy. This helps users get back on track, and user-friendliness is a search engine fav.

4. Taking a catnap at your desk? Type “set timer for” into the search bar and set the Google timer that pops up. The timer will beep when nap time is over!

5. Packed inbox? Search for that one specific email you need, in the proper folder, by typing your keyword into Gmail’s search bar and adding “in:sent” or “in:primary” at the end.

6. Work on your website loading speed until it is under 4 seconds. Google favours sites that load in no time, as many users won’t return to a site that takes longer than that.

7. Upload great content. Valuable, engaging blog posts and the like boost traffic organically – keep ’em coming, Google will notice.

8. Use the ‘minus’ sign to exclude search terms and get where you’re going faster. For example, if you’re looking for a digital agency located outside of Toronto, you would type “digital agency -Toronto”.

9. Search for web pages with similar content to a site you’ve already visited by inputting ‘related:’, followed by the URL, into the search bar. What’s one more Tumblr account to follow?

10. Grab a friend and type “do a barrel roll” into the search bar and hit enter. You’re welcome.

From dictionary definitions to optimizing 404 pages, reducing your website’s loading speed and creating fantastic content that your users (and Google!) will love, these tips are guaranteed to make life a bit easier, and search engines a bit less confusing. Do you have a favourite trick that isn’t listed here? Contact us on Facebook or Twitter!

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Image Credit: google-tips-tecnomovida by Tecnomovida Caracas, CC License


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